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Chatuchak Park is the site of the amazing Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand. It's a huge area (about 35 acres) filled with thousands of stalls selling everything you can imagine: food, clothes, furniture, live animals (food or pets, one wonders), all thronged with shoppers Thai and farang. It can be pretty overwhelming, so take your time, and if you get lost, the clock tower is a good landmark.

Across the street from the Chatuchak Park is the Bangkok Transit System building, a modern structure that houses the offices for the new SkyTrain, an elevated train system that brings folks to the Chatuchak Market on weekends. Luckily I worked there, so all I had to do was get across Pholyothin Road to the market.

The market is broken into segments. One area will be mostly clothes, one area plants and pets, the next may be used military equipment. Most of the area is covered by interlocking canvas tarps that retain the heat. Make absolutely sure you have a couple of liters of bottled water with you.

Some of the items I picked in the market included Rolex and Breitling watches, clothes for my kids (not much for me, I'm 6 foot 2 inches and weigh 260 lbs), some leather goods and some artwork. Carry your money in your front pocket with your hand in there too. There are a few talented pickpockets there. It is a pretty safe place, and make sure you bargain with the seller, which is half the fun. Remember it is not America or Britain, so it is expected that you haggle to get the prices down. Some folks won't haggle, but don't waste your time, there's plenty of folks selling the exact same thing within twenty feet who would be glad to give you a better deal.

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