In the second grade, we had a Halloween costume day, which ended with a parade of all the elementary school children around the block that the school was situated on. The event slipped my mom's mind, and she had to make do with what we had that morning before I went to school. She decided the easiest thing to do would be to use a white sheet and turn me into a ghost. Unfortunately, the cut holes for eyes method did not work, and the sheet kept slipping. Desperate times call for desperate measures. She wrapped the sheet around me as best she could and secured it in my hair with bobby pins. She cinched it around my waist with a brown belt with a cowboy buckle. She put something greasy on my face and dusted it with flour, and then put black eye makeup on around my eyes. After this, she decided I was not scary enough. She tried to use lipstick to make it look as though I was crying blood, but it smeared and turned my cheekbones pink. She dusted more flour onto my face and then came up with the final (and definitely the worst) touch: red nail polish dripped onto my cheeks.

When I got to school, one of the kids was completely confused as to what I was supposed to be. When he asked, I told him I was a ghost. He told me, in a very knowing manner, "Ghosts don't wear cowboy belts."

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