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Checkerboard Nightmare is a webcomic by Kristofer Straub. It's chock-full of self-aware humor and breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis. The main characters are:
  • Checkerboard Nightmare, posessed of purple hair and a checkered suit. He's a big fan of marketing. For instance, he enjoys reading the blurbs on the back of potato chip bags. "The layman would say there's only so many ways to convey 'These are good chips... bold, sledgehammer marketing right on the product, and the consumer's eyes ne'er fall upon it. It's so tragic." One of his recent schemes was attempting to replace Christmas with "X-Holiday", because Santa Claus was "too mired in human kindness and bounty and so forth".

  • Lyle Zebulon, a defense lawyer. Occasionally defends Checkerboard Nightmare against the rain of libel, slander, and defamation lawsuits he seems to attract. Also serves as a straight man for most of his jokes.

  • Vaporware, a robot Checkerboard built. He mostly tries to kill Lyle.

  • Polkadot Dream, a star who was vastly more successful than Checkerboard, which annoyed him. Recently she was discovered to be a furry (after dating Schrodinger the Quantum Cat, who was completely insane because he could see all points of view at once.) which completely wrecked her career.

Checkerboard Nightmare is located at http://www.checkerboardnightmare.com.

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