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A "Cheese Flavored Corn Snack" manufactured by Wise Foods, Inc. The product is confusing. The incorrectly spelled name (Cheez), compounded with the fact that it states it as "Cheese Flavored," leads one to believe there is not a single atom of real cheese in the product. However, a blurb on the upper left-hand part of the bag states it is "Made With Real Cheese!" The text is superimposed on a cartoon wedge of what appears to be cheddar, to reinforce the reality motif. Yes - reality, with a cartoon. Further investigation (reading the ingredients in the back of the bag) reveals that cheddar cheese is the 5th ingredient. This is followed by some chemicals that are too scary to reveal.

I'm about to finish off the bag.

Oh, i forgot to add, consuming this product invariably gives you orange fingers. Make sure you have something to wipe them with, because you do not want orange stains on your pants.

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