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Author: John A. Bain
ISBN: 0-9639614-0-3
228 pages
434 exercises

"Chess is 99% tactics." Richard Telchmann

Typically, chess is thought of as a game of strategy and tactics. Strategy is defined as the long-term plan you create in order to achieve your goal for the game (typically a win). Tactics are the short-term considerations that also achieve your goal.

When you are teaching someone to play chess, most experts will tell you the quickest way to advancement is to learn tactics. The first level of chess tactics is simply not leaving pieces en prise and noticing when your opponent does. This is best learned by playing games, and chess books typically don't cover this.

The next level is what this book covers. After an introduction to algebraic notation, this book presents a tactical theme, and then a set of problems related to the theme. The problems start simply, and then become slightly more difficult, but the text provides enough hints that most students should be able to solve most of the problems.

The themes covered are:

The problems are presented two per page, with large blanks for the students to fill in answers, so even children just learning to write will be able to use the book effectively. This book can be used for both individual and classroom settings. A teacher's edition is available, which contains the answers (they are not available in the student's edition) and a guide for using the book in the classroom. This allows the book to be used even in situations where the teacher does not know how to play chess.

After students learn the rules of chess, this book is an excellent choice for teachers, parents, and chess coaches who want to help their students improve their play in a game which has been shown to improve reading ability and academic performance, and which will be a game from which they can derive lifelong enjoyment and challenge.

My copy of the book.

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