Chester 5000 XYV is a webcomic by Jess Fink (billed as "a tale of erotic, robotic romance") which ran from August 30th, 2008 to January 26th, 2010.

The premise is rather straightforward (both a necessity and an accomplishment, given that there's virtually no dialogue beyond the occasional exclamation mark or heart). The Scientist—a Victorian man prone to spending even his evening meals brooding over the equations and schemata which comprise his work—quickly finds himself unable to satisfy the demands of his inordinately amorous new bride, Pricilla*. So, retiring to his workshop, the Scientist begins working feverishly to engineer a solution, and, at last, invites his anxious wife in to view the fruit of his labour: the Chester 5000 XYV, a mechanical Don Juan with a handlebar moustache. Then, with a kiss, the Scientist grabs his briefcase and departs immediately (presumably to continue his pursuit of the hard sciences elsewhere), leaving the distraught Pricilla alone with her robotic beau. Chester, of course, is really everything the Scientist isn’t—romantic and attentive, sexually indulgent, and completely enamored with Pricilla—and it isn’t long before their burgeoning relationship begins to grow beyond the Scientist's intentions.

Needless to say, the comic is unabashedly sexual—a fact made clear as early as the second panel. And yet, it would seem unfair to call it indecent, particularly as the comic is relatively "vanilla" (assuming you don't get hung up on the "having sex with a robot" thing). Granted, there are breasts, vulvae, and penises (both regular and mechanized); vaginal, oral and manual stimulation for all parties; depictions of ejaculation (both regular and mechanized); some textbook troilism, and a dash of female bisexuality (just to give it that little "something extra"). But, the bottom line is that, at the end of the day, Chester 5000 XYV is cute like comic book cheesecake and as scandalous as a Tijuana Bible.

Chester 5000 XYV is slated to be published by Top Shelf Productions as a 144-page hardback graphic novel sometime in 2011.


  1. Chester 5000 XYV
  2. Top Shelf Productions: Chester 5000-XYV

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