Artist: System of a Down
Album: Steal This Album
Track: 1
Running TIme: 2:25

This track was previously unreleased as one of the songs recorded during the Toxicity sessions. It has now been released under their new album Steal This Album, out November 25th, 2002. This is a great introduction to the album, sounding like a mix between the insane political ramblings of Sugar and The Prison Song, with the catchy ways of Chop Suey! thrown in for good measure. If you've heard both of those songs, you'll know what to expect.

While it does take some time to actually realise what Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian are singing about, but it seems that they are concerned with the moralities of propagnada in advertising. It seems that all this "propaganda" has had an effect on them as well, explaining their love for pizza pie.

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