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Owners of the worst used domain name ever, chick.com. Also publishes some seriously unintentionally funny Christian propaganda. (And I used that term tentatively.) Actually, the source of the chick in the chick.com is the owner, Jack Chick.

They sell tracts, full of comic book style drawings Bible verses taken out of context, and historical revision. These seem like they would be very effective to someone on the brink between Christianity and other religions.

They actually have the entire contents of (most of) their product up for browsing at their site. This is admirable, to me at least.

Published such works as That Old Devil (The war between heaven and hell), Are Roman Catholics Christians?, The Death Cookie (No, it isn't Doubleclick, it's Communion that's bad), Doom Town(Sodom), The Empty Tomb, (which purports to tell the story why Jesus' Tomb was empty {he wasn't dead, silly}) and others.

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