From: The Thorough Good Cook

Soup: 7. Chicken Broth for the Consumptive

Put a young fowl, cut up as usual, into a small, well- tinned stew-pan, with two spoonfuls of rice, and two quarts of water ; having skimmed it, add some coriander seed and two pinches of poppy grains ; boil it gently for two hours ; add six or eight crayfish, and give it twenty minutes' boiling ; then throw in a handful of borage leaves ; cover it, and take the pan from the fire to infuse for a quarter of an hour. In putting the fowl on, add two spoonfuls of pearl barley, and when passed through a sieve, add two ounces of barley- sugar (sugar boiled with an infusion of marsh-mallows) ; when this is dissolved, use it lukewarm and perfectly skimmed. Capons are prepared for broths and teas like chickens, but they are much more nutritious, and are more suitable for men than for women and children. I may add that I have known wondrous benefit to result from the use of this chicken broth.

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