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Chii is the main female character of CLAMP's release Chobits, which is now both an anime and a manga. Chii is a Persocon, a special android that is programmed to display emotion, keep the user company, and perform any tasks it is programmed to do. Chii is a special Persocon called a Chobits, which is one of the 'legendary' first Persocons ever created. They posess amazing learning power and can operate without an OS, while most Persocons require an OS to run.

Chii is found by Motosuwa Hideki in the garbage outside of a store. All that she is able to say is 'Chii'. He takes her in and tries to get her to run, but he isn't particularly technically minded. His friend Shinbo, who is a rather nerdy guy, comes over and hooks up his Persocon to Chii. His persocon crashes, and so does every other persocon who hooks up to Chii (except for one very special, high-powered persocon).

As time passes, Motosuwa Hideki tries to teach Chii basic activities such as eating, getting dressed, and social interactions. Since Chii is extremely innocent (she has no memory, after all!) and Hideki, like any college boy, is slightly perverted, some highly amusing situations occur. For more information, rent this title at your local anime video rental place or find the translated manga online at http://sekaiseifuku.net/chobits.html

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