Traditional Aussie version of the Asian spring roll. The major difference being that the filling seems to be a variety of saw dust.

Chiko Rolls are most easily found in fish and chip shops, where they will be deep-fried fresh, sometimes with both ends first dipped in batter to prevent the toothpaste tube effect; and in greasy spoons where they have invariably been sitting waiting in the bain marie for the best part of a week.

You can't knock the roll!

The Chiko roll, that most Australian of icons, was created when a Chinese takeaway owner, who sold food from a caravan outside of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), decided to package Chicken Chow Mein in a more convenient manner.

It was originally called a Chicken Chow Mein Roll, but the modern equivalent has too little chicken content to be legally called such, and thus 'Chicko' was born.

Speaking of Australian culinary innovation at sporting venues, has anyone mentioned the pie floater?

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