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Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

My girlfriend has seen Child's Play (the first movie) several times and wouldn't let me rent it last night. So instead, the good people of E2 get to first see the sequel. Most reviews say this movie is as good, if not better than the original.

Body count: A firm and grisly 7, 9 if you include inanimate dolls.

Chucky's Injury Tally: Quite like most horror movies, Chucky escapes injury right to the very end. He gets one of those double-bladed electric meat-cutters to his shoulder, is thrown into a garbage can, is hit on the head with a lamp, gets thrown through the windshield of a car and skids along the pavement. Then, he jumps onto the hood of the car and is slammed into a chain link fence. Escaping injury for a few more minutes, he then has his hand crushed in a metal grate, and he tears his own hand off on his own free will. Then, he takes the knife he has been wielding and shoves it into his stump (so he can fight Army of Darkness style). He is then amputated at the hips by a big doll making machine, and is covered in boiling hot plastic. He is finally done in by having an air hose stuck in his mouth, and his head got comically big before exploding in a giant mess of gore.

Plot Outline: In the original movie, a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray (The Lakeshore Strangler) was caught red-handed doing his ritualistic voodoo killings. He was mortally injured in a gun fight with the Police and he used an ancient voodoo spell to channel his soul into a doll and become the now-famous Chucky.

This doll found it's way into Andy's hands, who is the main character of the movie(s).

This is bad news for Andy on two counts: First, his doll is a voodoo-homicidal-maniac. Second, Chucky has to use another ancient voodoo spell to channel his spirit into Andy's body.

In the first movie, Andy escapes having his soul sucked out, but Chucky gets a second chance in this sequel. The movie opens with Chucky being repaired by the manufacturing company - which is very odd to start with. Is soul-chanelled homicidal-killing-spree-resulting-in-death covered by the warranty or something?

In any case, chucky escapes, tracks down Andy, and kills his foster family and friends. And just when he tries sucking Andy's soul out, it turns out that it's too late - and Chucky will be stuck in the doll's body forever! An unfortunate side effect of this is that Chucky is now "human;" he bleeds and can get broken bones. Considering the pain and punishment he endured in this film, I severely doubt there will be any sequels. But wait, there is! 6 of them!

My Opinion: The doll-animation effects are amazingly well done (I was suprised) and Chucky's one-liners are probably worth watching on their own. The rest of the movie was simply a vessel to carry Chucky's crazy antics.

In any case, the movie was well done and I enjoyed it. It is also somewhat recent (being 1990) and the camerawork and acting was nicely done. There was even a few familiar faces amongst the actors! Definately a good watch.

Interesting Notes:
  • On the original VHS release, there is 4 "Universal Pictures" introductions. The original black-and-white, 2 oldschool planet orbiting clips, and the current light-shoots-out-of-the-globe version. This is the first time I've seen all 4 played in sequence.
    Servo5678 says: "Universal tagged their 1990 films with this intro to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the studio. Back to the Future part III also has this intro." Thanks, Servo5678!
  • Chucky uses a swear-word in almost every sentance!
Fun Quotes!
  • (after being thrown through the windshield of a car) "Goddamned women drivers!" - Chucky
  • "What do you want to do with the doll?" - Assistant Guy
    "Shove it up your ass!" - President of Doll Company
Lead roles: Directed by: John Lafia

Writing credits: Don Mancini (I)

Filmed In: Chicago, Illinois

Tagline: Look out Jack! Chucky's back!
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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