I was in 6th grade. Math class. I had some really cool magnets with me that I had brought from home.

These magnets were simply two block magnets, painted red, about two inches in length, and a half inch in width. I had found a way to set one magnet on a flat surface, and position the other magnet just right so that it would literally hover above the first. I was performing my newfound trick during class, when our teacher came over and snared them from my desk.

I asked why she had taken them away, and she said that they could potentially be used as a weapon; I could throw them at someone, and hurt them. I replied "But I would never do that." She countered with the most insane argument I had ever heard:

"I could bring a gun to school, and possibly use it to shoot someone. But I would never do that."

She was actually comparing a pair of magnets to a gun. Hello? What the hell was that supposed to accomplish? I stomped her argument into oblivion.

"The difference, Mrs. Mosier, is that a gun is created to kill. I wasn't aware that magnets were in the same category."

She glared at me, and put my magnets below her podium. She then informed me that I could have them back when my parents came to get them. I didn't bother to tell them. I could get more magnets.

Mrs. Mosier probably still has those magnets. They were too cool to throw out.

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