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Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 964-1542

Chinatown Fair, usually referred to as "CTF" or as the tokens say "CF", is pretty much the oldest arcade left in Manhattan. Located in the core of Chinatown at 8 Mott Street. It usually opens around 11am to noonish, but this all depends on when the crazy old owner wakes up and gets his butt down there.

Chinatown Fair is probably most known for the skill its regulars display in fighting games, including pretty much any Capcom fighter of which they have almost everyone of (Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Capcom vs SNK 2). Chinatown Fair's players have pretty much dominated the east coast fighting scene for the past decade or so. Probably the most prolific player to come out of CTF is the one and only Justin Wong who is in a leauge of his own.

Then there is the other big attraction that is no longer with us, but remains in the minds of visitors everywhere, the fortune telling chicken. This was no lame plastic chicken, it was the real deal. The chicken retired a few years ago, and is dead now, but back in the day for a mere token, you could watch the chicken spin around, listen to a little jingle, and then get your fortune. I'm personally waiting for the day Chinatown Fair gets a new chicken.

Chinatown Fair has a big reputation, however I'd like to note that this place is small and with only maybe 2 or 3 dozen machines, your ears can take a beating if you stay there awhile. Next time you are down in Chinatown, New York City, and have a full stomach from some dimsum at the legendary Jing Fong Restaurant, and a bubble tea in your hand, stop by CTF for some fun.

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