The Chinese film vampire is most unlike its pasty, gothic western cousin. Wearing Ching dynasty robes, the Chinese Hopping Vampire (henceforth CHV) hops about with stiff limbs (due to rigor mortis). Identifiable by their pale green skin, yellow fangs, long nails, and of course the hopping, the CHV can also levitate (very handy).

The CHV is formed when a corpse is dried out by the Sun and Moon spirits. (Bad burial feng shui is apparently a factor, too.) It rises to do battle with the Taoist priests, whose weapons are very different than those of Van Helsing and his ilk. If confronted with one, use tiny bells, sticky rice, or best of all stick a yellow paper sutra to its forehead.

The CHV is sometimes called Kyonshi or Jiangshi.

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