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Chinese Pizza Huts are considered upscale eating establishments to the rest of the native population. Like many Pizza Huts in the states, there is a salad bar. In China all you can eat buffets are rare; Pizza Hut is no exception. Patrons are given a medium sized salad bowl and only allowed only one trip to the salad bar. (Mom always said there were starving kids in China; this is probably the cause).

The single trip rule poses a challenge to diners, as they spend several minutes trying to stack as much food as possible into these small bowls. The key is to use a solid stackable vegetable such as a sliced cucumber to build a cylindrical wall around the edge of the bowl. Once you have a relatively stable wall, you can fill the bowl with whatever salad bar offering you desire including those less stackable items such as squishy fruits and spherical vegetables.

These miniature architectural wonders have been known to rise as high as nine inches, a feat that would even make Frank Lloyd Wright blush.


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