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~~~~~~ Basic Introduction ~~~~~~

GREETING - Wai, ho ma?

CANTONESE - Ngoh yee gah gon heh, gwond dong wa. - I am speaking Cantonese.

MY NAME IS - Ngoh gon men...

THANKS - Mm-goi.

YES - Hi.

NO - Mm-hi.

GOOD-BYE - Joi-geen.

PROVERB - Seal mean but lo lick, low die toe bay seam. - If you do not study when you are young, you will feel sad when you are older because you have lost time.

~~~~~~ Andrew Wan's Translations ~~~~~~

Lay ho ma! - Greetings!

Lay yal mal sic fan? - Have you had dinner yet?

Gay see sic fan? - When is it dinner?

Ore' ho moon!! - I Am bored!!

Ore' ho jum lay - I hate you

lay gon dye wah!! - You're lying!!

lay hi been gan dye hawk doc? - Which University/College are you studying at?

lay doc men? - What are you studying?

lay chow see may! - You smell of crap!

wah hi!! Lay ho chow!! - My God!!, You Stink!!

lay hi been dow chu? - Where do you live?

Ore' so fung cow - I wanna sleep

men ah? - What?

lay ho say!! - Get lost!

Ore' so yum bea chow tong mai ore so jo jeil mao! - I wanna drink beer & get pisst!

Way! - Hey!

Ore' chum man fak mong - I had a dream last night

Ore' bui yean len? - Wheres my drink?

Ore' Dei yean len? - Wheres my stuff?

Ore' cum mang chok hoi - Am going out tonight

Ore' cum mang chok hoi jal bah tong mai qwhy moui fun! - Am going out tonight to the pub & get laid!

Ore' ho hay-yoon! - Am going to the cinema

Ore' yeel you tong mai fan - I want fish with my rice

Way!!! Lay tong ore fy-dee lore dee yeem!!!! - Hey!! Go get me salt quickly

Way!! Yal mao cow chon!! Fy-dee eh!!!! - For god Sakes!!! hurry Up!!

Ore' Ho chong lern - Am off to take a shower/Bath

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