Ok, this is hard to explain without showing you, and I'm simply not talented enough to draw ascii pictures. So I will be very specific about what you should do with what, just follow along.

yi er san si wu liu qi ba
er er san si wu liu qi ba

For the first exercise, you will be massaging just under your eyebrow, where your eyebrow meets your nose. Your face should cave in a little below the eyebrow for your eyes, you will massage right here, in the inside corner of your eye (not your actual eye, right above it and below your eyebrow). Massage towards your face - that is, massage clockwise with your left hand, and counter-clockwise with your right hand. You should massage in a small circle, never moving on actual skin but moving with the skin to massage muscles, up and towards the center of your face. You will massage here with your thumb, and put the rest of your fingers at the base of your scalp, where your forehead meets your hair, on the outside corners.

san er san si wu liu qi ba
si er san si wu liu qi ba

The second massage is easier to understand. Just massage that part of your nose that people rub when glasses get tiring. Right between your eyes, where your nose meets your forehead. Only one hand is necessary, and massage like you did in the first exercise, left side clockwise, right side counter-clockwise.

wu er san si wu liu qi ba
liu er san si wu liu qi ba

Okay, now right below your eyes you should be able to feel bone. With the index finger of each hand, massage the bottom part of that bone area, drifting off the bone at the bottom. Same pattern as above, left hand clockwise, right hand counter-clockwise.

qi er san si wu liu qi ba
ba er san si wu liu qi ba

This is the fun one, but really hard to explain. With your thumb against the side of your face, encircle your eyes with your hands like your creating binoculars. Alternatively, you can just make a fist with your hand, but keep your thumb against the side of your face. Now move your fist along the length of your eyebrow. After this, move it along what would be the opposite side of the eye, a line starting at the bone you massaged in the third exercise, back to the corner of your eye.

Do each of these 8 times, as is described by the Chinese lady over your loudspeaker (there is a Chinese lady over your loudspeaker... isn't there?). Chinese students do this in school, primary to high school. I do not know about university, but I suspect they don't do it there. Teachers have told me they do it so they can stay awake in school (my students are in school from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. with an hour for lunch). You can do it for fun and excitement!

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