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This song is actually two songs, "Chloe Dancer" and "Crown Of Thorns", married together on one track.

This 'married' version appears on the "Singles" soundtrack(as noted above), and also on the Mother Love Bone compilation* album. On the Mother Love Bone album you can also find Crown Of Thorns on a track of its own. The song Crown Of Thorns starts with the lyric "You ever heard the story of Mr. Faded Glory?". The only difference between the two versions of this song, is that in the married version, the beginning of the song is slowly faded up to the normal volume. And conversely, the end of "Chloe Dancer" is faded down. "Chloe Dancer" is never found as a standalone track.

* I called it a compilation album because it combines the Mother Love Bone Shine EP and their full length album Apple.

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