Supplying that crack-rock steady beat since 1993. Satano-political ska-punk straight outta NYC. It's badass stuff. Go out and pick up No Gods / No Managers if you can find it. Many places refuse to carry it due to offensive cover art. Inverted crosses, pentagrams and whatnot.

They also have a ton of 7 inches for those of you who have record players, but you'll have to do some work to find them, as they are pretty damn rare. They're also featured on the Hellcat Records compilations Give 'Em the Boot Volume 1 and 2, with the songs "Infested" and "Crack Rock Steady", respectively.

Unfortunately, this band of crack-smokin' squattas disbanded last year. But the good news is this: they underwent mitosis and divided into two new musical entities: Leftover Crack and INDK, both of which are featured on Give Em the Boot Vol. 2, incidentally. Leftover Crack sounds quite similar, and has two of the boys who supplied vocals for the 'Victim. Their debut record, "Shoot the Kids at School", is due out on Hellcat in October. I don't know when INDK's record is coming out.

Anyways, if you like punk, ska, or any compound of the two, it'd do you good to check out Choking Victim and their offspring as well.

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