The belief that white American Christians are the true chosen people of God and must overthrow the government and establish theocracy in order to bring about the end of the world.

Preaches hatred for Jews and African people, who are thought to be descendants of Satan.

See: Aryan Nations, Christian Reconstruction, ZOG, Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, British Israelites.

Incidentally, Christian Identity claim that they themselves are Jews, the "real" Biblical Jews, and that the people the rest of us call Jews are impostors of obscure origin. They borrowed this bizarre notion from the British Israelites earlier in the twentieth century. Among other things, they use this notion to "prove" that they're "not anti-semitic" (because "anti-semitic" means "bad". This is magical thinking: If you exorcise the words, you've broken the "spell", or something like that). So, if you say they're "anti-semitic" or that they hate Jews, they laugh and say you've just proven yourself to be a liar and a maniac. Ain't [extremist] right-wing logic wonderful?

First off, Christian Reconstruction has nothing to do with Christian Identity. While any particular Reconstructionist might or might not be racist, there is no racism built into their theology. Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan aren't Identitiests, though they can form alliances with them, and Identitiests might join the Klan; just because Christian Identity is extremely racist doesn't mean that all racists are somehow connected to Christian Identity. And while they might like to overthrow the government, they don't necessarily want to start a theocracy, and their aim in the overthrow surely isn't to bring about the end of the world.

*Phew!* Now, onto what they are. Christian Identity (I'll abbreviate this as CI) did start with the British Israelites, who believed that the Anglo-Saxons/Aryans were one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. They based this strange belief on the fact that some of the Anglo-Saxon words that make up English are similar to some Hebrew words. Of course, if they knew any linguistics, they'd know that this sort of thing just happens by chance, but they didn't, so they looked on this as incontrovertible proof. CI took this one step further, claiming that Aryans were the true Israelites, not the people claiming to be Jews. This is one thing that all CI sects have in common, and is where it got it's name from: Aryan Christians realizing their "true" identity.

As for the question "Who are the people who claimed to be descendants of the Biblical Jews?", this is the primary theory: when Moses lead the Aryans out of Egypt, a rag-tag group of degenerates followed them, and it was these folk who caused most of troubles for the Chosen People (the Golden Calf and such). Although I haven't seen it explicitly stated, the following is implied: down through the centuries, the Aryans and non-Aryans somehow managed to not interbreed. When Jesus (an Aryan) came around, most of the Aryans converted to Christianity, and only the non-Aryans retained the Judaic religion. However, since they aren't descendants of Abraham, they aren't real Jews, while the Aryans are. CI probably also holds that the Pharisees were all non-Aryans, but that's just extrapolation on my part.

CI has some other strange twists on normal Christianity (as one might expect). The first is the origin of the non-Aryan races. Many (probably most) variants of CI claim that the non-Aryan races are not descendants of Adam and Eve. Rather, God created each of the races separately, and that Adam and Eve, the ancestors of the Aryans (also know as "Adamites"), were the last of the language and tool using bipeds to be created. The problem with this is the the Great Flood, since (naturally) Noah, his wife, and his sons and their wives were all Aryan. But it's really no problem at all, since flood was actually just a localized phenomenon, not a worldwide one; it was only the Aryan portion of the world that God wiped out, and all the other races were left alone. Some sects of CI have taken this multiple creation theory to mean that Christianity isn't for non-Aryans: the coming of Christ was necessary because of Original Sin, which people inherited from Adam and Eve, but the non-Aryans aren't descendants of Adam and Eve, so they don't need to be saved by Jesus.

The other big twist is the Fall from Grace, the expulsion from the Garden. Most variants of Christianity hold that the Fall was caused by Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but not CI! CI holds that that Genesis was mistranslated, and, looking at the original Hebraic version of Genesis, uses the roots of the words "Tree", "Fruit", and "Eat" to figure out what it really means. There are two different CI versions of Genesis. One is that the forbidden act was miscegenation, having sex with the other, non-Aryan races that God created. And since miscegenation is the one thing that Adam and Eve were forbidden by God, you know it has to be a pretty bad sin!

The other, more virulently anti-Semitic version of Genesis is that the Fall was caused by Eve having sex with the Serpent, a.k.a. Satan. Satan's child by Eve was Cain, and Cain was father of the false Jews; thus, the people today claiming to be Jews literally have demonic blood in them. This variant of CI claims that these false Jews can still be saved by Jesus, but it's harder for them, since they are even more naturally inclined towards evil than ordinary humans.

Just to clarify a few things about the beliefs of Christian Identity, which consists of the most awe-inspiringly ludicrous creation myth that ever existed. Most of the story I present here comes from the sermons of Wesley Swift, one of the most prolific and influential "thinkers" in Christian Identity.

It goes something like this:

There is one true God, Yahweh, who is a space alien that lives in the Pleiades Constellation. He's an 18 foot tall man-shaped being of pure white light. In His spare time Yawheh likes to create Earth-like planets. Nearly every star you see in the sky has an Earth-like planet orbiting it, populated by docile "mud people" who are part of Yahweh's great intergallactic empire. Even though there are no problems in this perfect empire, Yahweh still felt the need to have a fleet of starships to keep the peace, staffed by his angels and led by the archangels Lucifer and Michael.

Now, Yahweh thought that the mud-people were okay, but they didn't possess real souls, ingenuity, or anything to make them much better than animals. So He decided to create a race of people in his image: white people, whom he called the "Adamites."

Lucifer got pretty pissy about this, since Yahweh said that the Adamites were to be even higher than the archangels. So Lucifer rebelled, gathering a third of Yahweh's starfleet behind him. Michael headed up the rest of the fleet and fought back, forcing Lucifer to stop over on one planet to pick up a bunch of axe-wielding mercenaries referred to as "curly haired negroids."

Yes, black people are Satan's alien mercenaries. Keep reading.

So the battle raged on for a good long while, until finally Lucifer's forces were driven to an obscure planet called Earth, where they crash-landed. Seeing himself stranded, Lucifer decided to make Earth his own personal kingdom seperate from Yahweh's empire. This would prove difficult, since Earth's mud-people still had some knowledge of the way things were supposed to be. Lucifer solved this making the inhabitants break Yahweh's main commandment: do not mix the races. So Lucifer had the Assyrians breed with the Egyptians breed with the newly imported alien black mercenaries breed with the Chinese.... etc. Soon, all of Earth's civilization degenerated into barbarity and lots of mixed up races.

Yahweh saw all of this and figured it wasn't a good thing. So he took the Adamites aside and told them that it was up to them to solve the problem, and sent them to Earth in the forms of Adam and Eve. So Adam and Eve were not the first people per se, simply the first white people (though Christian Identity folks see such a distinction as redundant).

Lucifer noticed this and schemed to thwart Yahweh's plan... to do so, he took the form of a serpent and had sex with Eve. Eve's womb was polluted, and ended up giving birth to countless monsters as a result. It was only her 13th child, Abel, that was finally born pure and white, though the corruption in the womb was such that he was more pink than white. Still, he was white, and that's what really mattered.

(As a side note, one would assume from such a philosophy that albinos would be seen as the ultimate race... I have yet to find any such references, however)

Meanwhile, while Eve was still giving birth to monsters, Lucifer proceeded to have sex with Adam, and ,somehow this resulted in offspring: Cain, THE FIRST JEW. Yes, Jews are the bastard offspring of Satan's homosexual relations.

What's important to understand about these "Jews" is that they aren't the Israelites portrayed in the Old Testament. No no no... those were *white* people. When the Northern Tribes of Israel were overrun by the Assyrians, the True Israelites migrated to modern-day Europe. This is proven by the fact that the Israelite tribe of Dan and the modern nation of Denmark have kind of similar sounding names (being both Danish and having the name Dan, I figure I should be some kind of mythical figure in all of this). The two most important tribes - Ephraim and Manasseh - migrated to the British Isles, with Manasseh eventually migrating from Britain to America.

Come on, you knew the USA had to come out on top somehow.

Meanwhile, Cain's evil offspring quickly occuppied the lands left behind by the True Israelites and claimed that THEY were the True Israelites. Fortunately, enough TRUE True Israelites stayed behind to produce Jesus, who was REALLY white and tried to warn everyone that the Jews were going to destroy everybody.

To this day, Jewish leaders plot in secret meetings to further their conquest of the world. Though why they even need to plot anymore seems kind of unnecessary, since Christian Identity believes that EVERYTHING is controlled by the Jews now. EVERYTHING. Let me throw in another EVERYTHING for good measure. This includes the US government, which CI people usually refer to as ZOG (Zionist Occuppied Government). Nevertheless, the USA still rocks, and will someday 0wnz0r the world when the final great race wars begin. Christian Identity thinks Fundamentalist Christians are pansey traitors because of their belief in the rapture... CI followers don't want to be whisked away into heaven when the end times begin, they want to stay here and FIGHT, goddammit.

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