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Christian Lemmerz is a Danish artist/enfant terrible, born in Germany in 1959. He was educated as a classic marble sculptor and moved to Denmark in the 1980ies, partly due to his association with the art workshop Værst (Worst).

Lemmerz specializes in sculptures and installations, often with a religious perspective, and some of his preferred choices in material are meat or intestines. Among his most controversial pieces is the 1994 piece, in which six dead pigs, cut to pieces & sown back together in an odd symmetric way, were placed in seperate glass cases and left to decompose in front of a blood stained metal plate.

Other works include "Gebeine" (Bones), a number of plaster-reproductions of arms and legs tied together with a string, and "Todesfigur" (Deathfigure), an empty cloak depicting a person.

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