Negativland used this song to pull a great media prank. In 1988, the Minnesota teen David Brom killed his family with an axe. Negativland, unable to finance their upcoming tour, sent a press release to local television stations stating that their song, "Christianity is Stupid" had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the axe murders and that allegations of a criminal investigation into the matter was ABSOLUTELY NOT the reason behind the cancellation of the tour.

The media, being prone towards sensationalist drivel, smelled a story and bit. Within days, Negativland was receiving calls from many national magazines and broadcasting companies. They carefully denied all allegations, but refused to add any more information to the story, claiming that their (fake) lawyer told them not to talk to the press. The story grew, ending up in prime-time television in San Francisco, as well as the Village Voice. Not one news outlet bothered to fact-check the story. Aside from the free advertising, Negativland also used many samples from the media frenzy in their following album, "Helter Stupid."

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