Current (1993-2000) governor of New Jersey. Got some recognition for speaking at the Republican National Convention and for promising to lower state income taxes by 30% over three years (the mathematically literate, however, realized 10% a year does not equal 30% if it's not off the original amount.)

Currently embroiled in a scandal where she was photographed frisking a black man in Camden after the cops had already done so and declared the man innocent. Mind you, the man did end up in jail later on a different charge, but that doesn't make it right.

Due to term limits will leave office in 2001. She may someday run for Senate, or Vice President, or accept a cabinet post. Who knows?

Just to make it clear, not only was she photographed frisking a black man, but was photographed doing so wearing a Camden Police ball cap and a really large grin, like this was the most fun she'd had in years. Completely regardless of how innocent/guilty the man was, anyone dumb enough to be photographed in such a position as a politician should be banished immediately.

Nominated by US president George W. Bush as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In March 2001 she reveled that she supports Bush's policies on CO2, mainly, that more regulation is not needed because she dose not view CO2 pollution as a significant enough threat to the environment to outweigh the possibility of more energy shortages like the ones that occurred in California earlier in 2001. See California outages, rolling blackouts.

"Governor Christie Todd Whitman is a chief executive who understands the importance of a clean and healthy environment, and will ensure that environmental regulations are based on sound science . . ." said Bush prior to her appointment.

Many people concerned with the environment have become outraged because during his campaign Bush promised to 'do something' about CO2 and other forms of pollution.

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