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Christmas Island was named in 1643 by Captain Mynors on December 25th. It is a territory of Australia, located 960 miles from the northwestern tip of the mainland. The total land mass is 52 square miles and is covered by a distinct biosphere of flora and fauna, some of which are found nowhere else.

This island has big boobies. Not that kind, silly. The Red Footed Boobies are the most common nesting birds, although there are also a large population of brown boobies too that nest on the ground. There are unique giant crabs that stalk the island.

The population is around 2,000 people, most grouped around the main settlement at Flying Fish Cove. Australia set up a large Immigration Detention Centre on the island to handle Indonesian undocumented or irregular immigrants.

The main export is phosphates generated from the guano of the visiting birds.

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