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Chronic Logic is a PC game developer founded in 2001 that has created several very impressive games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One main distinguishing factor in all their games is their excellent use of physics to enhance gameplay. Even in their Tetris-like falling block game, Triptych, physics are crucial to the way the game works. Chronic Logic has received high praise for almost every game they have yet to release, and while being a small developer, have been mentioned and praised in many magazines and prominant gaming sites.

Games :

Pontifex - Chronic Logic’s first game. Pontifex is the sequel to the freeware game Bridge Builder. In this game, the player builds and tests bridges with a realistic physics engine. The game also includes a level editor.

Pontifex II – A much improved sequel to Pontifex, featuring full 3d, an improved level editor, and more control over bridge design.

Gish – A side-scroller in which the main character is a blob of tar. Features dynamic lighting, a destructible environment, tons of levels, and 6 VS modes.

Triptych – A falling blocks type game. The blocks do not fit perfectly into slots as in Tetris, however. They can bounce and move freely using an impressive physics engine.

In late 2000, Alex Austin decided to make a puzzle game using an advanced physics engine he had developed for a vehicular combat game. He and his friends enjoyed the game enough that he decided to release it to the world.

It didn’t take long for the server hosting the small 15 level demo to become overloaded by downloaders. Bridge Builder (as the game was called) had to be taken offline due to overloading the T1 line it was hosted on. Alex decided this was a good sign that Bridge Builder might have real potential. Soon after its release, Bridge Builder was honored by numerous fan sites, and mentions in magazines including PC Gamer and Der Spiegel.

For a while, development slowed as Alex was forced to get a Real Job.

In the summer of 2001, Alex Austin teamed up with his long time friend Ben Nichols and decided to rewrite the game, under the name Pontifex, as Bridge Builder was already copyrighted. Chronic Logic was founded.

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