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The Chronological Strata method of filing is a quick and simple way of organizing a workspace. Its invention has less to do with the Dewey Decimal System, or databases than with paleontology. It has advantages and disadvantages. Most would say the latter outweighs the former


Its first and foremost advantage is the ease with which it can be set up; one need only put everything in a pile or piles. When something new enters the filing system, you put it on the top of the pile. If something needs to be found, you need only remember what pile its in, how long ago it was recieved, and how fast items accrue in your pile. For example, my Chronological Strata system adds an inch to the pile every week. If I need something that I last saw a week ago, I recall to what pile it was relegated and leaf through the stuff about an inch down. When I'm done with it, I put it back on top of the pile.

Also, it has its own built in filter for things that are unimportant. If your pile is too high, figure out how much of the bottom strata is over four weeks old and defenestrate it.


The retrieval speed can be slow compared to other filing systems. This can be misconstrued by the gullible as an indication of inefficiency. This wouldn't be so bad if for some 'reason' most gullible people weren't in positions of authority over you. But they are.

What's worse is that this can be compounded by the fact that it is aesthetically displeasing. By which I mean it looks like a mess.

I personally have never found the need to institute any other filing system, but many consider this one to be miserable and sometimes even a fire hazard.

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