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I wish we could do things in whatever order we wanted. Take for example the statement: “If I knew then what I know now…” If time travel were available today (not available at the time of writing – don’t want to have this node dated as soon as somebody stumbles across time travel), hindsight would be a thing of the past (no pun intended)! I would imagine that the time machine would be required to store all the dates and times visited so as to stop any attempts to cause a paradox by visiting oneself.

Having cleared that one up, I would like to outline the order in which I would like to experience life:

  1. Death - I think that death is going to be a bit of a bummer really, so I’d like to get that one over with pretty quickly
  2. My 40’s - In order to gain a little life-experience, I think I should spend a bit of it during the “settled” period in which I can relax and soak it all in
  3. Old Age - this is going to suck a bit too, but at least I’ll have a few “past” experiences from my 40’s to bore my grandchildren with
  4. My 30’s - A busy time. Career is settling in nicely, buy a house, have kids and start them in school. At least from my experience of my 40’s I’ll know how things are going to turn out and be prepared for them
  5. My 50’s - Starting to wind down towards retirement. A bit of a rest from the kids as they have left home by now
  6. My 20’s - having been through most of the older stages I can now tackle this age with a lot more wisdom and forethought
  7. My 60’s to Old Age - a time of retirement and relaxation before the final assault on life (see last two)
  8. My Childhood and Teens - there have always been things that I have wanted to go back and do “if only I had known then what I know now” and this will allow me to do so
  9. Birth - a truly magical experience. I will have all of life’s experiences and be conscious of what is happening to appreciate the miracle that is happening

Looking at this list, it is a little mixed up, but there is a general trend from death to birth. What if we could live life in reverse? Now that’d be kewl

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