1990 Nebula Award winning satirical novel by James Morrow, in which everyone is conditioned from birth to tell the truth. E.g. on cigarette packs: "WARNING: THE SURGEON GENERAL'S CRUSADE AGAINST THIS PRODUCT MAY DISTRACT YOU FROM THE MYRIAD WAYS YOUR GOVERNMENT FAILS TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH."

A typical greeting card:

Roses drop dead
Violets do too
With each day life gets shorter
Happy Birthday to you

It is amusing to extend Morrow's conceit in everyday life. For example, when I was bitten by a wild animal recently, I had to go to the Insurance Payment Verification Office (mandaciously labelled "Emergency Room" by the hospital administrators). Dave Barry has suggested that the labels on toothpaste should read "Proven effective in preventing cavities when used in conjunction with a series of regular payments to a member of the American Dental Association."

Remember to cease this behavior before going to work, if you like your job.

WARNING: Indulgence in excessive cynicism can lead to chronic unhappiness.

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