The Civil Air Patrol cadet program has a rank structure that emulates the Air Force. In order to advance in rank, a cadet must complete a number of requirements and have a certain amount of time in grade. Usually these requirements are:

The grades are organized into four phases which represent the changing roles a cadet will take on as they progress through the program. At the end of each phase there are so-called "milestone" achievements that represent a significant advance in responsibility and the last step in a phase. The ranks that are associated with these milestones are cadet staff sergeant, cadet second lieutenant, cadet captain, cadet lieutenant colonel, and cadet colonel.

Motivation Phase Phase I: The Learning Phase Phase II: The Leadership Phase Phase III: The Command Phase Phase IV: The Executive Phase

The remaining rank, cadet colonel, is not considered part of Phase IV but a milestone all its own.

CAPP 151
Leadership: 2000 and Beyond
CAPP 52-18
CAPR 52-16
Personal knowledge

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