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Motto: Cursum Perficio (Latin - I follow the chase)

One of the early forms of the name Hunter was, Huntar, another was Hunte, meaning a hunter by occupation and the Anglo-Saxon was Hunta. Burke's Landed Gentry states that "two ancient families of the name of Hunter existed in Scotland for many centuries". These were families of Tweeddale, now extinct, and the Hunters of Hunterston, who owned the estates as early as the time of Alexander II, King of Scotland. In 1375, William Hunter obtained a charter from King Robert II, for lands of the Barony of Amele. These lands were later known as Campbellton, and at a later date still possessed by the family. Dr. John Hunter, discoverer of the circulation of the blood, was a member of the Hunterson families.

It has been stated by some authorities that it is believed that all by the name of Hunter were descendants of the Hunterston families of Ayreshire, Scotland. The Hunter family has been prominent, by playing important roles in public affairs in the British Empire and in America. Family pride is a trait which has been cultivated, and all Hunters have good cause to be proud of the their family and traditions.

In 1969 the Lyon Court officially recognised Neil Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick (b.1926) in the name of the Hunter of Hunterston as being 29th Laird of Hunterston and Chief of Clan Hunter.

The present Laird is Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, 30th Laird Clan Hunter.

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