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Nicknamed fiends Tzimisce are among the greatest Cainite scientists, alchemists, historians and metaphysicians. They are also some of the sickest bastages in the entire World of Darkness. However, Tzimisce are not content to sit and think. They are experimenters more than philosophers, and pretty much anything on two legs or four is their laboratory...and snakes...and bugs...and... well, you get the picture. If it's organic and animal matter, then they play with it.

The discipline of Viscissitude (their signature discipline) is the shaping of bone, flesh, and blood... it can be used for blessing or bane. However it is important to note that the Tzimisce consider it all to be a blessing upon their target; an improvement if you will. They are no more remorseful about using their fleshcrafting on an innocent than a potter is about spinning a pot out of clay. To them, it is Art, and is never taught outside the Clan. In point of fact, it is rarely taught in-clan anymore because one must prove their worth in Clan Tzimisce as a warrior before they are taught the Art of Fleshcrafting.

To purify their thought and detach themselves from human subjectivity, Tzimisce either founded or developed the various Sabbat Paths of Enlightenement. The clan was also instrumental in creating the Sabbat's various Auctoritas Ritae and Ignoblis Ritae. They are quite poetic in their endeavors and of all the Vampires in the White Wolf game, are probably the only ones more insane than Clan Malkavian. They are like the quiet little man next door who never bothered anyone, always kept his yard, and was generally a good neighbor; until they found those ten bodies cut up in freezer bags... Their mentality is so completely alien and inhuman that most Storytellers will refuse to allow a player to play this clan.

Lastly, the Tzimisce are very territorial. This comes from their ancient roots where they were the nobility and the peasants were their vassals to use as they wished. Even then, however, their sense of noblesse oblige was foreign. They would terrorize the serfs and keep them in line, walking in the dreaded Zulo form, a giant half-man, half-beast, and demand their utter and complete loyalty, making a horrifying example for show of their power. Yet woe to anyone else who tried this in their domain. In Vampire: The Dark Ages they were known as isolationists, and if you found yourself on their territory you had best not harm one living thing without their permission, which was usually very hard to get since their territorial nature is such that they will diablerize first, and contemplate the meaning of life and death later. Their possessive nature is so obsessive that they must sleep with two handfuls of their native soil each day. Without their native soil around them in rest, they will be at half their dice pool the next day, then half that the next, and so forth, until they are so weak they can only enter torpor. Most Tzimisce have solved this problem by simply inserting the dirt into their bodies.

The Tzimisce Disciplines in modern day are Animalism, Auspex, and Viscissitude. The Old Clan Tzimisce, the ones that refused to join the Sabbat use Fortitude instead of Viscissitude.

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