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Clan Wolf

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Leader: Khan Vladimir Ward
Capital: Strana Mechty

Clan Wolf is one of the most controversial - and successful - of the Clans.

Clan Wolf was founded by the Founder of all clans, Nicholas Kerensky, in 2810. He named the clan after the Strana Mechty wolf, the creature he saw as the ultimate warrior. This was not the last of the blessings the Founder gave to this clan - he became their leader, and gave the Kerensky bloodname and genetic lineage to them. This greatly shocked the Clan Jade Falcon, and ever since that day there's been tension between the two clans.

Clan Wolf is these days thought of as a Crusader clan - they did, actually, participate in the invasion to the Inner Sphere and did actually damn well at it! Among the clans that voted for the invasion, however, some Wolves were very much against the idea of invasion, and even those who agreed that invasion should be done thought that it should have been planned a bit better before that'd happen. (In fact, the most Warden-minded people split off to a Clan of their own, often known as Clan Wolf-in-exile.)

While the Clan Wolf has continually kept showing that the Kerensky blood truly is what keeps them on way, and that they're more than worthy of the Bloodname, they're special in their lack of formality (another thing that greatly annoys the Falcons). They're not as hidebound as the other Clans - they adapt to the situation, they make up their own mind, and don't rush in and think later. They calculate, they don't waste energy, and are surprisingly efficient thanks to this thing.

They were the only clan in the Battle of Tukayyid to accomplish both of their objectives, and kept wondering what the heck the other clans waved white flag for. In the general downfall of Clans, they were challenged many times with Absorption, but thanks to Vladimir Ward even that didn't work too well.

It might also be worth noting that Clan Wolf scientists invented the Elemental battle armor.

Clan Wolf emblem is a red wolf head, on top of a red plaque with six golden stars; The sixth star symbolises Kerenskys. (As usual, clans do everything in fives, with this as an exception...)

As already mentioned, the most striking contrast in the clans can be found from Clan Jade Falcon.

Personally, I believe Clan Wolf is a Clan in sense that Kerenskys wanted the Clans to be; the opinion represented by Jade Falcons is a corruption, but not necessarily an evil or inexcusable one. The goal is same, but I believe the Wolf way is truer in intent to original idea of achieving the goal. But this is, of course, just my opinion...

See also Väinö Linna's book "Tuntematon Sotilas" for a strong contrast between concepts of Military Discipline and How Things Should Be Done In War =)

Sources: Too many BattleTech books and stories to mention; Details verified from Battletech Field Manual: Crusader Clans (FASA 1998) and The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky (FASA 1999)

(Battletech / Mechwarrior / The Clans)

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