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Manufactured by the now-defunct Claris Corporation for the MacOS platform, Claris Home Page is a cheap WYSIWYG HTML Editor which allows anyone to put together a simple web site. It has built-in FTP client functions as well. However, it does not support Cascading Style Sheets or other advanced web technologies. Claris Home Page tends to write relatively dirty HTML code, though, although cleaner than Microsoft FrontPage's. Home Page will generate many HTML tags with <X-CLARIS> things in them.

In all, for small and simple sites, Claris Home Page will fit one's needs, although free WYSIWYG HTML editors available today may do equally well.

Claris Home Page was a WYSIWYG HTML editor available for the classic Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. It was a low cost, entry level program that allowed users to easily create, upload, and manage websites. The last revision came out in 1997, and while it doesn't create standards compliant HTML, it tends to produce code that works well across browsers.

At this point, the free KompoZer seems to be the best replacement for this aging (but still useful) program.

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