Clark's Alehouse is a local landmark in Syracuse, New York. Open from 11am- 2am on Mondays through Saturdays, Clark's is located at the corner of Jefferson and Clinton Streets in Armory Square, an area of downtown Syracuse known for good bars, restaurants and some of the only culture available in the city of Syracuse.

Clark's is famous for two things: one sandwich, of the roast beef variety, and twenty-two draft beers. The sandwich consists of six ounces of slow-cooked roast beef on an onion roll with your choice of red onions or cheddar cheese and sides of spicy mustard and horseradish.

The twenty-two drafts are from a variety of local and national microbreweries. The specific beers are constantly changing, but one can always rely on several options for light beers, at least one variety of stout and a locally-brewed cask-conditioned ale for the beer purist.

The atmosphere at Clark's is not rowdy, although it's certainly no library. There is no music or television, but there's usually a crowd of regulars around the bar always ready to welcome a new face. If you're looking for a place to down Jello shots and catch the score, Clark's is not it, but if you're looking for good beer, knowledgeable bartenders and friendly conversation, no place can beat it.

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