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Classwar is a comic book series released May, 2002. It's published by the English comic book company Com.X. It's written by Rob Williams and pencilled by Trevor Hairsine.

The premise of Classwar is a Superman-like hero named American who has worked for the United States government for 20 years but is now disillusioned with U.S. leaders and their clandestine activities against ordinary, everyday people. He declares war on the government and says he will fight for the individual.

Now he will have to fight other super-heroes that were his friends and teammates, and convince the American population that he's on their side.

A few things make this comic unique:
  1. First is the fact that it's published out of England. America has long dominated the comic industry. It's nice to see some fresh talent with a different point of view.
  2. It's one of the more political comics around, which again is not something you see in the current market, especially something with such an anti-government tone.
This comic also flies in the face of a current trend of reviving old comics and old heroes that revive the patriotic feeling, for example the reappearence of Captain America in two new comic series, and of the game Freedom Force which very stylishly recalls the comics of the 1960's and is very campy and good.

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