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The Clayoquot Sound region surrounding Tofino, British Columbia, midway on the west coast, Pacific Ocean side of Vancouver Island has five pristine, never logged watersheds each over 5,000 hectares in size. They compromise the largest unfragmented, low elevation, big treed, wild, old growth temperate rainforest left on Earth.

More than 75% of this 262,000 hectare region is untouched by modern industrial activities and is believed to be large enough, if left in it's wild state, to conserve the incredible complex natural bio-diversity which includes: elk, cougar, Vancouver Island wolf and other large mammals which use this area as their home.

This region is Nuu-Chah-Nulth (NTC) traditional territory, occupied by three NTC First Nations, the Hesquait, Ahousaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht, who have never ceded the land through treaty. Currently First Nations people compromise 43% of the permanent residents of the Clayoquot Sound region, have land claims to only 0.4%, and are experiencing more than 70% unemployment.

Multi-national forest companies, who have Provincially granted cutting rights, have already transformed over 20% of Clayoquot forest into industrial plantations and on April 13th, 1993, announced the “Clayoquot Sound Land Use Decision”. A decision by the B.C. government which opened up more than 70% of the remaining forest of commercial value in Clayoquot to clear-cut logging which would fragment the area, damage the few remaining pristine salmon spawning streams, destroy the area's ecological integrity and world renowned beauty, and negatively affect native and non-native residents living there.

Coincidentally, the N.D.P. government purchased 5% of MacMillan Bloedel, one of the predominant logging companies operating in the Sound, and became the largest single share holder, just three weeks prior to this decision. The government claimed that in this case there was no conflict of interest.

On June 28, 1993 a “Peace Camp” was established in a clear-cut dubbed “the Black Hole” and volunteers worked endlessly to ensure that people could see for themselves the destruction of their land, and, if they chose, stand up and get arrested for a cause they believed in.

In the summer of 1993, over 1000 people put their personal freedoms on the line in a last-ditch effort to save the remainder of the Sound. All were found guilty of Criminal Contempt of Court for “impeding and or interfering with the logging operations of MacMillan Bloedel”. The sentences ranged from probation (for a very select few), to 6 months (we love you Sile!) in jail and 1500$ in fines. These people are ecological and environmental heroes, and they will never be forgotten.

Hey “Smiling Mike who’s smile is as wide as the crack in his ass”,” Wolf Droppings”, “Bear who stands on his head and shits dinkleberries”, “Ecoli”, “Star”, “Mad Tofu Hunter”, et al; I miss you all!

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