Some hiliariously bad scifi show that was beemed into my livingroom this afternoon on WGN.

Basic Premise: In the year 2525, hot, lucious cyber-vixens jump down giant holes battling evil robots with form fitting cybernetic body armor and wrist lasers.

Todays episode dealt with trying to win back captives, or "[specimens", as they were called, from slave traders, (The intro scheme vaguely mentioned something about humans being forced underground), so that some old guy's daughter wouldn't be used for "mutant testing". What ensued was 15 to 20 minutes of cleavage shots as the protagonists played a "game of deadly chance". This consisted of them rolling some funky dice, and pulling laser pointers out of a fiberglass colum until some metal spheres inside stop levitating, at which point one of he players "won". Oh! They had a striptease too. I was also able to glean from the poor acting that there was one girl who had somehow ended up in the 26th century who was from our present day. Naturally, she was the fish out of water airhead, and the other two vixens took great pleasure in pushing her down the giant hole. That's how they go everywhere: They jump down a big hole, and then "fly" to wherever they want, in hoping to one day "retake the surface". Were it not for the lack of nipple sightings and the fact it was on at 2 pm, I might have mistaken this for a porno (see: Femalien). Overall, if your desperate to see women in skimpy but not nude outfits for 20 minutes at 2 pm on saturday afternoon.... just watch it with the sound off.

Contrary to the previous writeups, I like this TV show (better than Jack of All Trades, in any case).

The premise:
Cleopatra, the title character, is a stripper from the 20th century who goes in for breast enhancement and wakes up five hundred years later, when the world has become, basically, very much the same as the world of The Matrix. Machines called "Baileys" have taken over the surface of the earth, and humans (as well as assorted mutants) live underground. The Baileys create evil clone robots called Betrayers to infiltrate the underground colony, and there are teams of people led by a mysterious voice to fight Betrayers and Baileys. Cleopatra is discovered by one of these teams and this show is about them.

The characters:

It's an okay show, especially if you enjoy revealingly clad women. It's one of only four shows I watch anymore, the others being Xena: Warrior Princess and Charmed, and Jack of All Trades because it comes in between them.

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