Some nodeshells should be ignored. This was one of them. Beware a noder with no fear of downvotes or nukes. But in the interest of making Everything truly everything, we have to make note of life's ugly bits, don't we?

There is some debate about the proper definition of a Cleveland steamer. One thing is certain. Shit is involved. Read on and decide for yourself.

Definition One
To leave a bowel movement upon the chest, bedsheets, or pillow of an unsuspecting, sleeping former sex partner, with whom one has just enjoyed a powerfully yummy one-night stand. Yes, it is phenomenally gross, sick, and unhygenic. I'm not advocating a lifestyle here, folks.
Definition Two
Definition Two is not much better than definition one. It is also defined as defecating on the chest/belly of one's partner while tit fucking, tea bagging, or otherwise astride their upper torso.

Again, I am sorry to be the one to drop this science, but the truth will out.

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