A book review:

Clinical Lactation: A Visual Guide (2000)
by Kathleen G. Auerebach and Jan Riordan

“A collection of photographs relating to breastfeeding showing common and rare conditions of the breast, nipple and areola and conditions in the infant which may lead to management problems during breastfeeding.’

There are ‘infinite variations of normal vs. abnormal anatomy’ and the new lactation consultant will have seen only some of these. Books like this help to bridge the gap between theory and competence in a clinical situation.

This book covers basically 3 broad areas:
1 Breast/Nipple Variations
2 Conditions Affecting the Nipples and/or Breasts
3 Infant Conditions

The 104 photographs are clear and in color. Captions are quite brief and should not be relied on for complete understanding of the subject matter

Suitable for Lactation Consultants and other health care professionals working with mothers and/or babies but probably of limited interest to others.

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