Clockwatching goes hand-in-hand with boredom. When you are immensly bored, you look at the clock constantly.

Unfortunately, this seems to make time go even more slowly, and you watch the clock even more, resulting in a double whammy of boredom.

Some times when you clockwatch are:
  • At school, awaiting the end of a rather boring Physics lesson
  • At work, having customers bitch at you that their pizza isn't hot enough
  • At home, waiting for a friend to arrive (who was meant to be there 30 minutes ago), or waiting for a TV show you've been anticipating all week to come on.
  • Waiting for a bus. The never, ever come on time. (haven't you heard that Violent Femmes song?
  • Waiting for your hard drive/RAM to defragment (it's at 90%, how much longer could it possibly take?)

Some solutions to the common clockwatching syndrome could include:
  • At school, take a graphics calculator with games, then when you're asked in Physics what you're doing, mumble something about nuclear physics.
  • At work, play tricks on the customers and then act seriously when they complain. This is much more fun if you have someone else you can tag-team with at work to irritate the customers with you.
  • Phone your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, ask where they are. Rather than waiting for TV shows, get a life.
  • Never, ever catch public transport. In extreme cases where public transport is neccessary, call the council/bus company to make sure the bus will be on time. Get the person who serves you's name so you can phone back and abuse them if the bus was late.
  • And last; remove your clock/watch/etc., making clock watching impossible.

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