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It seems like fate has thrown obstacles in the way of every task or initiative I've tried to start this afternoon. The weather is dismal, increasing my general mild depression.

There's only so many web sites one can usefully read or surf to; when you're down, learning new stuff doesn't appeal at all. All that's left is to count down the remaining minutes of my working day.

What to do? Creating a new database in Access was so easy it's not even funny. Organising colleagues for a night out took 5 minutes. Even E2 is looking a little boring.

Updating our Intranet is something to do, but Apathy has struck me right between the eyes. I don't want to read that SAMS book about Microsoft SQL Server 6, nor do I want to find out more about Microsoft Cluster server.

Getting a drink: 5 minutes

Going to the Toilet: 5 minutes

Faking interest in a colleagues project: 10 minutes

Going over the notes from a meeting: 5 minutes

Taking used plastic cups to the recycling bin: 5 minutes

Collating and sorting Post-it notes: 7 minutes

Faking interest in 2 different colleagues baby pictures: 10 minutes

Writing this node: 6 minutes

I am so BORED!

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