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Bland and vague name for the free trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand, signed in 1983. Due to New Zealand's somewhat insignificant status trade-wise to Australia not many Australians know that the CER even exists (perhaps New Zealanders are more aware, most Australians don't even know what the attitudes New Zealanders have and fewer even care)..

Since 1990 all trade barriers have been removed between the two countries. Several regulatory mechanisms, including quarantine and employment restrictions, have been harmonised or removed. It was the first trade block to include services and is regarded as one of the most comprehensive trading agreement in existence.

Unlike the European Union the CER has a very low profile - no flag, parliament, single currency, bill of rights, potentate or antipodean equivalent of Captain Euro, even though Australians and New Zealanders have a legacy of fighting together (against a common foe) as Anzacs.

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