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The clydesdale is a large, powerful draft horse of a breed developed in the Clyde valley of Scotland over two hundred years ago. Traditionally, they have white "socks" on all four legs, and a large white blaze down their face. They are usually bay, black, brown, or chestnut colored, and have white, feathered hair on their fetlocks.

Clydesdales can grow to over 18 hands tall and weigh between 1600 and 2400 pounds---as much as a Volkswagen Beetle! They were popular in cities pulling large wagons of goods. Today they are mostly used for agriculture and for show, and are often seen in Budweiser commercials.

Clydes"dale (?), n.

One of a breed of heavy draft horses originally from Clydesdale, Scotland. They are about sixteen hands high and usually brown or bay.


© Webster 1913

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