This was an infamous yet undeniably creative cartoon feature directed in 1943 by "Looney Tunes" animator Bob Clampett. As one might guess from the title, it retells the popular story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs using an all-black cast. In fact, the entire plot relied heavily on the ethnic stereotypes that populated the movies and vaudeville of the day.

Aside from the titular characters, the cartoon included the buxom "Queenie" and "Prince Chawmin'," complete with a conk and a zoot suit. It is filled to the brim with sight gags and non-stop lampooning of 1940s urban culture ("Prince Chawmin'" has dice in place of his two front teeth.)Virgil Ross, one of the principal animators for the short, claims to have visited several predominantly black nightclubs in Los Angeles to gain a better knowledge of the "culture."

It is important to note that, while the outrageously thick-lipped, big-eared caricatures are offensive today, they were drawn with no intention of malice in the 1940s, when this sort of unabashed ethnic humor was socially acceptable.

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