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Cocktail Umbrella

A miniature umbrella, around 10cam tall. The canopy section is approximately 8cm in diameter when open. The handle of the umbrella is made out of a light wood, similar to a matchstick, and the canopy is paper, with cardboard spines. Cocktail umbrellas come in a variety of colours and often have a floral design printed on the canopy. They are most commonly found in the 'party supplies' aisle of your local supermarket, or in alcoholic drinks at tropical holiday destinations.

What sits in large bar drinks, especially exotic or Hawaiian themed drinks. Sometimes called "girlie" drinks by men who have not had two of these and woken up in bed the next morning next to a waitress named "Bess" with a tattoo on one arm of a girl with a grass skirt.

Drinks with little paper umbrellas taste like KoolAid and tend to send you to far away places. Maybe that's the point of the whole exotic thing.

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