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What is a Cocktail Set?

A Cocktail set is, much as the name implies, a small drum set that is often used at small parties and gatherings. This type of drum set was very popular during the 1940's through about the late 60's and early 70's. It was very prominent for swing groups. There were three types of sets that were called this:

  • A Jazz Cocktail Set Includes:
  1. A hi-hat
  2. A Snare Drum
  3. A Bass Drum

  • A Swing Cocktail Set Includes:
  1. A Snare Drum
  2. A Bass Drum
  3. A Ride Cymbal

  • A Full Cocktail Set Includes:
  1. A hi-hat
  2. A Snare Drum
  3. A Bass Drum
  4. A Ride Cymbal

All of these types were popular at the aformentioned time periods. Many School Bands used these drum sets at dances and other such social gatherings. More often then not, these drum sets had instead of a Bass Drum, the would substitute a Floor Tom. These drum sets are not to be confused with 4 and 5-piece drum sets. The amount of pieces in the name refers to the number of Toms/drums that the set actually had v.s. the number of pieces with the Cymbals and whatnot else. These drum sets are still used, albeit not often, and are rarely seen outside of Swing Clubs and other Clubs that re-create that era in music.

If you wish to re-create this type of drum set, for whatever reason, you can contact me by the information below and I will help you do this. If you truly are interested in re-creating this drum set, you will probably be looking in the $200 to about $300 range, not because they are complex but because the types of wood-making and the tom-sizes are hard to find. If you aren't looking for an authentic one, you will probably only need about $150.00. Perhaps more, but I doubt it.

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  • Fax: 1+(503)-628-4713

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