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A cereal made by Post, and marketed to children with images of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Usually sold alongside Fruity Pebbles. While Fruity Pebbles contains small "fruit"-flavored bits, Cocoa Pebbles instead has small chocolate-flavored bits.

Like many chocolate cereals, Cocoa Pebbles is most favored when served in milk. The reason? Cocoa Pebbles are fairly soggy, which results in a nice portion of chocolate milk when the cereal bits are all consumed. In fact, Post has even published a series of recipes on its web site (http://www.postcereals.com) that use Cocoa Pebbles as a chocolate flavoring of sorts.

The cereal is named after the pebble-shaped pieces, not the baby Pebbles Flintstone. It was introduced a year after Fruity Pebbles, although both are still sold to this day.

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