I am not a hippy, but I do love being part of a hack circle. The sole object of hackey sack is to collectively keep the footbag in the air. Thus, making the game non-competitive and more of a social sport. I found the following at www.footbag.com.

  • Choose a proper place to kick and get permission if not on a kicker's property.
  • Pay attention, the footbag can come to you at any time: FOCUS - be there or not.
  • Use only your feet to respond to a pass: If you can catch it, you can kick it.
  • Pick up your drops (like you hope others will do), using your hand, not your foot
    - foot pickups can damage a footbag (it might belong to someone else!).
Suggestions for Circle Happiness

1. VERY IMPORTANT: Location! Location! Location! Find a place to play which is out of the way, off the beaten path, and is safe. Don't kick around small children because they could be hurt. A park, game field, or front/back lawn are ideal if there are no holes in the ground. An empty parking lot, gym or multi-purpose room, or a large passageway are also good. Footbag circles can kick inside, WITH PERMISSION, but require adequate space so nothing is damaged. Streets and alleys are not good places to kick because they are dangerous to you. Sidewalks are good IF there are no pedestrians and you are careful not to chase the footbag into the street. Be sensible, safe, and have permission when you settle on a place for a circle to form and play.

2. Respect other players, regardless of their degree of skill, and always encourage new players.

3. Always play the footbag only -- don't kick at people, only the footbag (feet are dangerous).

4. If you kick the footbag away, quickly go get it yourself; this is a courtesy which will make you a desireable circle teammate (people usually stop playing with players who don't get their own drops).

5. Learn to pass a footbag well -- if you have no passing ability, people won't want to kick with you.

6. When tossing a footbag by hand to start a rally, do it with care.

7. After a good rally, be sure to pass to persons who were not included in it when you start a new rally or they will lose interest (no one wants to just watch someone "hog" the footbag).

8. Try not to steal another's pass; wait your turn.

Note: There are no penalties in circle kicking, but courtesy keeps people together - discourteous players are often ostracized.

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