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Philosophy, Morality, Chemistry
Southern Lee High School
"Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts. But let this happen in such a way that no one become aware of it." - Niccolò Machiavelli
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May 27, 2011
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Hi there. My name is Hunter. I'm 17, currently winding up my high school years (or at least I hope I am).

Somewhat through my own doing, I find myself drawn towards issues concerning philosophy, morality, death (in some sense, anyway), and a smattering of quantum mechanics for good measure.

I'm a professional guitar hero player (do they have those?), an avid listener to many different genres of music (and in some cases, non-music), a budding movie buff (I like to believe so, anyway), and a huge fan of semi-colons and parenthesis.

I just started playing Rift on the Neddra shard, as well. My username there is Jisatsu (Defiant; Kelari; Cleric), so, if by some miracle you happen to not only play Rift but on that specific shard as well, please send me a message. We could quest together. Or just shoot the breeze. Wouldn't that be nice?